Ribbow is a film marketing company specializing in the digital arena.

In each of our engagements we deploy a proven methodology that maximizes reach and interaction levels.  We use data gathering, platform hacking, and ecosystem retargeting to optimize our results.  

  • Our first targets are the "Early Adopters".  They are people who are naturally attracted to the project and will stay with it all the way through.
  • The "Likely Suspects" are our next targets.  These are people who should like the product, but need to see more before they decide. 
  • The last group we try to engage are the "Pragmatists".  They want to watch a trailer and immediately buy tickets.  these people often lose interest if they see advertisements too early.

Once our target groups have been identified we employ the use of Data Mining to build an engagement plan.

Our team analyzes large amounts of data searching for patterns of interaction and affinity to certain content types and themes.

This research is used to craft targeted content and experiences that our audiences will enjoy, share, and interact with.


We aim to convert people for all the revenue streams, not just the theatrical window. Here are a few things we do to ensure an engaged and passionate audience:

  • Film audience reaction spots.

  • Determine theater placement by studying engagement, cluster formation, and activity.

  • Gather data from social platforms about who is talking about the product.

  • Blitz the digital environment 3 months out with a Disruptive Ad Buy.